How To Style a Cozy Home for the Fall

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How To Style a Cozy Home for the Fall

Fall is here, and it’s a great, new opportunity to style your home for the new season. This is the time of year when we all start to spend more time in the home together in anticipation of the holidays and colder weather. Our homes reflect this by becoming warmer and more inviting for guests.

Your entry is the first impression your guests will have and where you will be happy to warm up in the fall and winter. Flanking the door with sconces and putting down a doormat creates an inviting feel. Create an area just inside the entry where everyone can leave the weather and dirt from their day behind. A mudroom with a bench that’s the perfect catchall, complete with an open top shelf, coat hooks, and flip-top bench storage.

With the seasons changing, you will likely be spending more time indoors than out, so the look and the comfort of your furniture will become more important than ever. Selecting a neutral-colored sofa or sectional is always a good start to designing your living room. It gives you a perfect foundation to layer a colorful group of accessories, like throws and pillows. Layering a sofa or sectional with pillows is one of the easiest and most enjoyable parts of styling a room. It’s even better for fall styling, to start with neutral pieces and then layer color, because many of those neutral earth-tones are fall colors. However, a bright fall color sofa or slipcover for your sofa could work just as well. It brings in color and life to the room and makes the piece a focus of the space.

Just like finding the right accent pillows, an area rug – especially one with great colors and a strong pattern – can anchor a space by pulling everything else together. One great trend is the vintage, oriental look. They often have a dark indigo or red background and can have greens or oranges in them, giving you tons of options for what else you can bring into your space. When selecting other accessories to pair with a patterned rug, you want to make sure that the scale of the pattern on your other pieces is different, either smaller or larger, from that of the rug to give some contrast. Ottomans or poufs are other great ways to bring in fall style and create a cozy space.
Wall art and photographs can style a space for fall, adding a personal touch. When you have patterns and textures throughout a room, a minimalist element, like simple wall art can be just what you need to balance out the space. Prints or photos can be framed in simple black or wood frames to create a clean and tailored look while adding personal style.
The busiest room and entertaining space deserves an update to keep your warm and inviting look. Make your table pop with warm color runner that easily complements any neutral dinnerware you have. Chairs and stools are a great way to add natural hues but also add a slight splash of bright color. A statement vase can be used as an elegant centerpiece. Attractive platters and glassware in a bright and natural palette should be displayed, rather than hidden away.
When working to bring a look or style to your home, try not to copy anything directly, but look for ways to tailor it specifically to your lifestyle and tastes. Lighting is extremely important in styling a room. Floor, pendant, and table lamps are so important for the fall season. With less light during the day and evening coming sooner and sooner, the overhead room lighting just won’t quite suffice for the months ahead. Task lighting for cooking, reading, etc. helps create a cozy atmosphere. For example, overarching floor lamps are a current trend. They give off a ton of light while adding a show stopping silhouette to your room setting. There are many elements of this inviting, cozy style for your home decor this fall.

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